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Degenerative Disc Disease

For the most part degenerative disc disease is a product of normal wear and tear on the discs as we age. In some instances, however, the discs will begin to degenerate prematurely – often set off due to some type of injury or trauma.
  • Loss of Water Content
    Our spinal discs are made up of a soft inner core, as well as a tough outer “shell”. When we are born, this soft inner core is made up of mostly water, but as we age,the discs slowly lose water content and get thinner over time. These thinner discs can no longer absorb shocks as well as they previously could, and less water content means less “padding” between vertebrae.
  • Herniated or Damaged Discs
    With the discs growing weaker over time, the stress on the spine of normal, daily movements can cause micro-tears in the outer shell. This is known to cause a great deal of pain, as the outer wall is home to a network of nerves. As these micro-tears expand, the soft inner core may push through these cracks, causing the disc to bulge or even slip out of place. This is known as a herniated or slipped disc.